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REAL Anorexia and Bulimia Support


2/12/08 09:13 pm - memememia

I'm suprised no one's posted in this yet. but...I'll just post for now till someone else says something!!!

Today was no good. I did well till my mom wanted pizza for dinner...not just pizza hut, but like, this really good pizza place...oh god. I had half of a LARGE cheese pizza plus one slice, a small slice of cheesecake, a hand-full of sun chips....purged. Then about half a large bag of sunchips...purged.

Then I did over 125 crunches, 125 arm excersizes, 100 leg lifts, 50 squats with added weight...and a little more i guess. I still feel like shit though...

2/9/08 01:41 am - memememia

Well, I figure I'll go first to get this thing rolling! It's been a pretty good day. I didn't binge OR purge, which is a PRETTY BIG DEAL for me. I ate less then 200 cals for most of the day, then a small dinner (forced). Tomorrow I'm going to the gym and i'm going to try and kick my ass.  My buddy and I are eating 200 cals or less for the next few days. I'm excited

2/8/08 02:07 am - memememia

Welcome! If you are reading this you are in search of a place for people with eating disorders to truly interact! All you have to do is join the community, and the moderator (me) will accept your request asap! Enjoy!
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